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Times Square Billboard

One of my biggest thrills since starting this journey was December 20, 2023 when my book ran across the world's most iconic billboard after my win in the BookFest Awards.

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MICAH HOUSE was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and grew up in a large southern family full of all kinds of characters he draws from often in his writing.  He moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1997 and spent many years as a business owner and magazine columnist while writing short stories.  Now solely devoted to writing novels, Micah is developing a fanbase who appreciates his unique southern style of storytelling.

"I write the way I think.  I prefer authors who get to the point.  I do not need 3 pages describing the tapestry on the wall when I am reading a book.  Though I want well fleshed out characters and descriptive settings I can picture in my mind, I cannot stand a slow-paced novel.  Therefore, my writing style, (I've been told, and hope is true for everyone) connects you emotionally to the characters quickly and keeps a steady pace of action, humor, and emotion so that readers do not lose interest before the story is told.  If my interest isn't grabbed within three chapters, I am finished reading that book.  So, I do my very best to write this way as well.  I write for people who love to read but have too little time to invest in a story it takes forever to get to."


The Blanchards are your typical, close-knit southern family… who also just happen to wield magic. The road through life is never easy, but for three generations of witches living together in their ancestral home, things are getting more complicated. 

Olympia Blanchard, her daughters, and her adult grandchildren navigate love, loss, discovery, and quite a bit of danger as they face a lifelong enemy and try to catch a local murderer on the prowl. Life is changing fast, and they will need all their skill, all their love, and their indomitable family unity to face the challenges awaiting them.  


Welcome to Daihmler County and the first book in The Blanchard Witches series.

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Welcome back to Daihmler County, Alabama. This is the home of the Blanchard family. The Blanchards are a close-knit, loving southern family...who also happen to be witches. In their last adventure, Olympia Blanchard, her daughters, and her adult grandchildren came close to death fighting the werewolf killer plaguing the town. During the course of trying to outmaneuver him, Seth and Yasmine realized their lifelong love for one another and were married. The battle against the wolf was epic and in the end he was destroyed--but not before leaving Fable Blanchard secretly with child.


The Blanchard family believes life is back to normal...but they could not be more wrong. The Autumn leaves aren't the only things changing as more problems emerge for the Blanchard witches.  

One of Olympia's daughters is missing, and the family must figure out why. Demitra has a new beau, but he isn't who he appears to be.  Salem will have to face down the family nemesis, Atheidrelle ObreiggonAnd Fable continues to conceal her secret pregnancy not knowing what the family will do if they discover her baby was fathered by the werewolf. While the love that fills Blanchard House may be magical, that love will be tested by secrets and new dangers in this second installment of the Blanchard Witches series.


Things are not always easy for the Blanchard family of Daihmler, Alabama. Over the last few years they've experienced more than their share of tribulations, even for a family of witches. Through the many ups and downs they have always had each other, but that was threatened at the end of Book Two as one of their own suddenly disappeared from a family cookout. Picking up where PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS left off, the Blanchards are about to discover Beryl is not the only family member about to vanish before their eyes.


In this third installment of The Blanchard Witches series, the family must search the past to find their loved ones. They will encounter relatives they have only heard about through family lore while facing challenges in unfamiliar worlds which might change their family timeline forever. Join your favorite family of witches for their next adventure as they face one of the greatest foes they've come up against...time.

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House of Duquesne

As The Blanchard Witches saga continues, the family is acclimating to the revelations come to light in the last book.  As the family acclimates to their new normal and some new faces around the house, old foes are resurfacing with old scores to settle.


Everything has been building to this moment when the Blanchard witches of Daihmler must wage war on the sinister D'Angelo's of Charleston and uncover all their wicked secrets.  

Join your favorite witches for the deadliest battle they've ever fought. But be warned, not everyone will survive The House of Duquesne.

Half Sick of Shadows

The Blanchard family were left devastated by the events they faced in THE HOUSE OF DUQUESNE. The losses the family suffered have taken months to come to terms with, but now they are settling into their new normal. 

In this fifth novel of THE BLANCHARD WITCHES series...the Blanchard family may be absent a few faces, but their indomitable family love is carrying them through. Unfortunately, stretches of peace never last too long for these valiant witches.  A new (and somewhat inexperienced) enemy has plans to wipe out the entire Blanchard clan.  And as if that is not trouble enough, one surviving foe from Duquesne House is still out there, biding his time to seek his revenge.

While Demitra holds down the home front, guiding her grieving family into brighter days, Artemis travels the country on the hunt for Seth and Yasmine, once beloved Blanchards, now turned fiendish vampires. Their daughter Hera has been changed forever by their abandonment, but her stepmother Miranda will do whatever she can to give Hera the stability and love she needs. 

And the Blanchards have lived through too many inexplicable events to continue under the public radar.  A reporter from a major news network is digging into the events of The House of Duquesne, and the mysteries of the Blanchard family.  The walls between the natural and supernatural world is crumbling, and perhaps it is about time, for some of the

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